What gives you hope?

Introducing the Wall of Hope! Located near the Memorial Wall will be a place for you to share messages of hope and strength, pictures, artwork or the like that remind you that we’re all walking this post-suicide journey together. Whether you have had a previous attempt, battle a mental illness, lost a loved one or just want to spread hope to whomever walks by, we need you! Here are some ideas…

  • Bring artwork to display (Can be any size. We’ll make it work. if it’s rather large, it might be good to contact us.)
  • Pictures & imagery portraying hope
  • Life-affirming words, favorite inspirational quote/poem/verse/song
  • A write-up of your story (for those with history of an attempt, please be vague about your means of attempt, but specific about your journey and how you move forward)
  • Collages
  • Simply your name on a postcard
  • Literally any way you can think of that would give someone hope for the journey ahead.


If you have an idea that we didn’t list, we’d love to hear it. Use the contact form on the home page of our website and let us know what you’re thinking.



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